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Question – have you ever wanted to fly a hovercraft year round? Would you pay $59 to have a 30 minute ride?

Ask your friends on Face Book this question – Are you interested in arranging a Hover Waves Learn To Fly ride to learn how to fly a hovercraft? We're open everyday for your enjoyment and to experience the best that the 4 seasons have to offer.

Most people have not experienced driving a hovercraft, and those that have, definitely want to feel the rush again!

Guaranteed fun from ages 14 to 90 !!

Hover Waves Learn To Fly exposes passengers to the wind and water spray; at a hover height of just 9 inches off the ground, flying on an air-cushion is as good as it gets, particularly with speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. What’s it like to fly? Imagine a modern-day flying carpet with attitude, twist the throttle, the skirts inflate and you rise up on the cushion of air, as if on a back-to-the-future type anti-gravity levitation vehicle.

As the hovercraft picks up speed, so does your Adrenalin rush!

Experienced riders all share one characteristic upon the end of their ride, a huge smile and a need to go again!

A Learn To Fly covers safety and start-up checklists to prepare you for your solo flight. You learn to maneuver through an obstacle course and are also timed to complete a circuit.

Learn To Fly rides are also available for special events such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, or any get together.

Hover Waves Learn To Fly is sure to please!

Pre-Sale Reservations are still available for our Summer 2022 season at a savings of over 20%!

Regularly $69! On Sale Now $59!

Sale Ends January 31, 2022!

Limited Availability! Going Fast!

Get Yours Before They're Gone!

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